Pedophilia Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (Pedophilia OCD), also known as POCD, is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in which an individual experiences distressing and intrusive thoughts or obsessions related to the fear of being a pedophile. These thoughts can be extremely distressing and unsettling for the individual, leading them to engage in various compulsive behaviors or mental rituals to alleviate the anxiety associated with these obsessions.


It is essential to emphasize that having obsessions related to pedophilia does not mean the person actually has a pedophilic sexual orientation or is at risk of acting on these thoughts. Pedophilia OCD is characterized by intrusive, unwanted thoughts and irrational fears, rather than a genuine attraction to children.

Common obsessions in Pedophilia OCD may include:

  1. Fears of being sexually attracted to children.
  2. Worries about accidentally harming or molesting a child.
  3. Intrusive thoughts involving sexual scenarios with minors.
  4. Concerns about losing control and acting on these thoughts.

To cope with these distressing thoughts, individuals with Pedophilia OCD may engage in various compulsive behaviors or mental rituals, such as:

  1. Avoidance behaviors, such as avoiding places or situations involving children.
  2. Seeking reassurance from others about their innocence.
  3. Repeatedly checking their own reactions and feelings towards children.
  4. Mental reviewing and analyzing to prove they are not a pedophile.

It is important to note that individuals with Pedophilia OCD find these thoughts terrifying and distressing. They do not represent their true desires or intentions but are the result of trauma.

POCD Recovery

I have helped many people recover from POCD and I understand the shame, guilt, disgust and fear these Obsessive Intrusive thoughts make you feel and I believe healing is possiblie. You are not a bad person, in fact you are dealing with Trauma and it is the Trauma that is required to be healed in order to be free from these emotional reponses.

I understand it can be very challenging to speak with someone however please don’t suffer in silence.  I help you heal the underlying fear based emotion and regulate your physical, emotion and mental state and release repressed emotions using bodywork and nervous system regulation.

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