I contacted Linda after a build-up of work related stress lead to significant and frequent experiences of anxiety that were impacting both my ability to perform in work and my general happiness and quality of life. Linda has a calming, empathetic, upbeat manner. By integrating her Kundalini Yoga expertise, natural coaching skills and her own personal experience in overcoming mental health challenges, she creates a unique healing environment. After just one extended session (2.5 hours), I felt I had new tools and a different mind-set to help me deal with anxiousness and to put it into the correct perspective. After regular daily practice there has been a noticeable and significant reduction in my symptoms and a marked increase in my enthusiasm, energy and focus both in and outside of work. For someone with similar concerns and issues I would highly recommend booking a session with Linda.
After hearing a radio interview with Linda describing how she teaches Kundalini yoga classes specifically for mental health and wellbeing, I knew that this was exactly what I needed. I initially started seeing Linda for private 1-1 sessions on a weekly basis so that I could get a tailored program to practice at home myself. Each class is a wonderful mix of stretching, breathing, chanting and meditating, and Linda’s style of teaching is very humanistic. She meets you where you’re at and shows great compassion and care, whilst bringing warmth and humour. I have found Linda’s classes to be powerful. The changes in my mind-set and energy have been both subtle and profound, and I look forward to continuing on this journey.