Irish Prison Service




It works a lot with not been able to sleep and depression. This works for me.

Improved physical wellbeing, flexibility, and muscle tone.

Improved mental wellbeing, able to relax, peaceful mind.

I think this course is great as it helps clear the mind and helps you sleep better.

As people don’t sleep right in prison, part of this yoga teaches you how to relax and breathe easy.

It will teach you how to control Anxiety and even Anger, it also helps you mindfully.

A course like this will definitely benefit a lot of women in prison physically and mentally. I know this because it has helped me loads.

It helps to acknowledge existing problems, think of ways to solve them.

I suffer from depression, this course has been really beneficial to me.

It helps a lot with not being able to sleep and with back ache. I am now practising the exercises we were taught and find it starting to work for me.

I have chronic back pain and suffer from depression this course has been really beneficial to me.